xlwings 0.7.1: Adds support for VBA macros and optional/default UDF arguments etc.

Felix Zumstein fzumstein at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 13:03:21 EDT 2016

I am pleased to announce the release of xlwings v0.7.1: 

Amongst other things, this release adds support for VBA macros and optional/default UDF arguments. 

Check the Release Notes for full details: 

About xlwings: 
xlwings is a BSD-licensed python library that makes it easy to call python from 
Excel and vice versa: 

* Scripting: Automate/interact with Excel from Python using a syntax that is close to VBA.
* Macros: Replace your messy VBA macros with clean and powerful Python code.
* UDFs: Write User Defined Functions (UDFs) in Python (Windows only).

Numpy arrays and Pandas Series/DataFrames are fully supported.
xlwings-powered workbooks are easy to distribute and work on Windows and Mac.


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