qutebrowser v0.6.0 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Apr 4 17:05:37 EDT 2016


I'm happy to annouce the release of qutebrowser v0.6.0!

qutebrowser is a vim-like browser with a minimal user interface, based
on Qt and Python: http://www.qutebrowser.org/

This release comes with dozens of bugfixes and various new features -
the most notable one probably being a :buffers command with
completion. Talking about completion, it now completes everything e.g.
containing "github" and "qutebrowser" when doing ":open github
qutebrowser" which makes it much easier to find pages in the history.

sidenote: If you haven't seen it yet, qutebrowser's crowdfunding for
the QtWebEngine backend is still running: http://igg.me/at/qutebrowser

The full changelog:


- New `:buffer` command to easily switch tabs by name. This is not bound to a
  key by default for existing users due to a conflict with the `gt`/`gT`
  bindings (which are now removed from the default bindings).
  You can bind it by hand by running `:bind -f gt set-cmd-text -s :buffer`.
- New `--quiet` argument for the `:debug-pyeval` command to not open a tab with
  the results. Note `:debug-pyeval` is still only intended for debugging.
- The completion now matches each entered word separately.
- A new command `:paste-primary` got added to paste the primary selection, and
  `<Shift-Insert>` got added as a binding so it pastes primary rather than
- New mode `word` for `hints -> mode` which uses a dictionary and link-texts
  for hints instead of single characters.
- New `--all` argument for `:download-cancel` to cancel all running downloads.
- New `password_fill` userscript to fill passwords using the `pass` executable.
- New `current` hinting mode which forces opening hints in the current tab
  (even with `target="_blank"`)


- Pasting multiple lines via `:paste` now opens each line in a new tab.
- `:navigate increment/decrement` now preserves leading zeroes in URLs.
- `general -> editor` can now also handle `{}` inside another argument (e.g. to open `vim` via `termite`)
- Improved performance when scrolling with many tabs open.
- Shift-Insert now also pastes primary selection for prompts.
- `:download-remove --all` got un-deprecated to provide symmetry with
  `:download-cancel --all`. It does the same as `:download-clear`.
- Improved detection of URLs/search terms when pasting multiple lines.
- Don't remove `qutebrowser-editor-*` temporary file if editor subprocess crashed
- Userscripts are also searched in `/usr/share/qutebrowser/userscripts`.
- Blocked hosts are now also read from a `blocked-hosts` file in the config dir
  (e.g. `~/.config/qutebrowser/blocked-hosts`).


- Fixed starting with -c "".
- Fixed crash when a tab is closed twice via javascript (e.g. Dropbox
  authentication dialogs)
- Fixed crash when a notification/geolocation prompt is answered after closing
  the tab it belongs to.
- Fixed crash when downloading a file without any path information (e.g a
  magnet link).
- Fixed crashes when opening an empty URL (e.g. via pasting).
- Fixed validation of duplicate values in `hints -> chars`.
- Fixed crash when PDF.js was partially installed.
- Fixed crash when XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR was not an absolute path.
- Fixed very long filenames when downloading `data://`-URLs.
- Fixed ugly UI fonts on Windows when Liberation Mono is installed
- Fixed crash when unbinding key from a section which doesn't exist in the config
- Fixed report window after a segfault
- Fixed some directory browser issues on Windows
- Fixed crash when closing a window with a finished download and delayed
  `remove-finished-downloads` setting.
- Fixed crash when hitting `<Tab>` then `<Ctrl-C>` on pages without keyboard
- Fixed "Frame load interrupted by policy change" error showing up when
  downloading files with Qt 5.6.


- The `gt`/`gT` bindings (luakit-like alternatives to `J`/`K`) were removed
  (except for existing configs) to make room for the `gt` binding to show

Since v0.5.0, the following people have contributed to qutebrowser:

- Daniel Schadt
- Felix Van der Jeugt
- Tarcisio Fedrizzi
- Philipp Hansch
- Kevin Velghe
- avk
- Milan Svoboda
- Clayton Craft
- Oliver Caldwell
- Thorsten Wißmann
- Jakub Klinkovský
- Patric Schmitz
- Michael Ilsaas
- Jimmy
- Link
- Ryan Roden-Corrent
- Marcelo Santos
- issue
- haxwithaxe
- evan
- Tomasz Kramkowski
- Tomas Orsava
- Tobias Werth
- Stefan Tatschner
- Sorokin Alexei
- Alexander Cogneau

Thank you!


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