Jinja24Doc 1.3.1 released

Ondrej Tuma konference at webjet.cz
Wed Apr 13 01:47:04 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that Jinja24Doc 1.3.1 has been released!

As usual, you can install using pip:

    pip install Jinja24Doc

The main changes in new release are:

    * separate functionality to extra files - modules (library usage)
    * reStructuredText support via docutils_tinyhtml writer as default
    * new rst24doc and wiki24doc command tools
    * variable top and link for module (_reference template)
    * options system message, verbose, version
    * traceback and embed stylesheet support
    * new descriptor and dt styles
    * fix of regular expression for wiki
    * templates and skin update

To see the full changelog, please visit:


Documentation and reference api is at:


Please make sure to report any regressions to the issues page at:


Ondřej Tůma <mcbig at zeropage.cz>
www: http://ipv6.mcbig.cz   jabber: mcbig at jabber.cz   twitter: mcbig_cz
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