EuroPython 2016: Schedule online

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Sat Apr 16 10:56:32 EDT 2016

We are happy to announce the schedule for EuroPython 2016 in
Bilbao. The program WG has been working hard trying to fit all the
sessions in the last few weeks.

With over 180 sessions, over 150 speakers, one day for workshops, 5
days of talks, training, keynotes, lightning talks and open spaces,
followed by 2 days of sprints, EuroPython will be one of the most
exciting and vibrant Python events this year:

		   *** EuroPython 2016 Schedule ***

The schedule is available in table and list format. Please note that
we are still applying changes to the slots and will also add some more
interesting special sessions to it in the coming days.

Early in June we will have a short second Call for Proposals, limited
to hot topics and most recent developments in software and
technology. We will announce details soon.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted proposals. EuroPython wouldn’t
be possible without our speakers.

If you want to join the fun, be sure to get your tickets as soon as
possible, since ticket sales usually start picking up quite a bit
after we announce the schedule.

With gravitational regards,
EuroPython 2016 Team

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