distutils_ui 0.1.1 released

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sun Dec 4 07:22:44 EST 2016

For those of you, who like PyQt{4,5} as much as I do, as well as for those who 
don't like it that much, because of the poor integration with setuptools 
et.al., here's another piece of software to bridge the gap:

	A distutils build extension for PyQt{4,5} applications

that makes handling the PyQt tool chain easier than ever:


Ahem, well, it wasn't that easy before. Most of us were using dreaded 
Makefiles or other such crutches to generate translation files, .py modules of 
forms, and resource modules. Scratch the crutches, here's what you're looking 

Feedback welcome.


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