[RELEASE] Python 3.6.0rc1 is now available

Ned Deily nad at python.org
Wed Dec 7 02:26:10 EST 2016

On behalf of the Python development community and the Python 3.6 release
team, I'm excited to announce the availability of Python 3.6.0rc1. 3.6.0rc1
is the release candiate for Python 3.6, the next major release of

Code for 3.6.0 is now frozen.  Assuming no release critical problems are
found prior to the 3.6.0 final release date, currently 2016-12-16, the
3.6.0 final release will be the same code base as this 3.6.0rc1.
Maintenance releases for the 3.6 series will follow at regular
intervals starting in the first quarter of 2017.

Among the new major new features in Python 3.6 are:

* PEP 468 - Preserving the order of **kwargs in a function
* PEP 487 - Simpler customization of class creation
* PEP 495 - Local Time Disambiguation
* PEP 498 - Literal String Formatting
* PEP 506 - Adding A Secrets Module To The Standard Library
* PEP 509 - Add a private version to dict
* PEP 515 - Underscores in Numeric Literals
* PEP 519 - Adding a file system path protocol
* PEP 520 - Preserving Class Attribute Definition Order
* PEP 523 - Adding a frame evaluation API to CPython
* PEP 524 - Make os.urandom() blocking on Linux (during system startup)
* PEP 525 - Asynchronous Generators (provisional)
* PEP 526 - Syntax for Variable Annotations (provisional)
* PEP 528 - Change Windows console encoding to UTF-8
* PEP 529 - Change Windows filesystem encoding to UTF-8
* PEP 530 - Asynchronous Comprehensions

Please see "What’s New In Python 3.6" for more information:


You can find Python 3.6.0rc1 here:


Note that 3.6.0rc1 is still a preview release and thus its use is not
recommended for production environments.

More information about the release schedule can be found here:


  Ned Deily
  nad at python.org -- []

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