RelStorage 2.0

Jason Madden jason.madden at
Fri Dec 23 07:41:07 EST 2016

On behalf of the RelStorage contributors, I am pleased to announce the release of RelStorage 2.0.

What Is It?

RelStorage is a scalable backend for ZODB (an object-oriented database for Python that provides transparent object persistence) that allows you to use MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle to store your object data. For more, please see

What's New

This major release of RelStorage brings full support for Python 3, ZODB/ZEO 4 and 5, PyPy and gevent. 

This release also *removes* support for Python 2.6 and ZODB3. RelStorage 1.6.3 (2016-09-30) is the most recent release supporting these legacy platforms.

The complete list of changes is available at

Although RelStorage's internals have been substantially changed, most users just relying on documented ZODB behaviour should find RelStorage 2.0 to be a drop-in replacement for 1.6 on supported platforms. 


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