New mailing for Python in Belgium

Stephane Wirtel stephane at
Mon Feb 8 07:18:28 EST 2016

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce a new mailing list for the Belgian Python 

This main goal of this mailing list is mainly for the Python Community 
of Belgium, Dutch, French and German.
The main language is English, I don’t want to discuss about the 
languages, maybe in the future.

So, here is the mailing list: belgium at you can subscribe via 
this link:

Via this mailing list, you could discuss about:

* Python in Belgium
* Organise some events, meetups, AFPyro in Belgium
* Create a great community.
* Help for the PythonFOSDEM in Belgium
* etc…

Hope to see you in this ML.

Thank you so much,


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