Azure SDK v2.0.0a1 released

Laurent Mazuel lmazuel at
Mon Feb 22 13:56:41 EST 2016

I am glad to announce the release of the Azure SDK for Python v2.0.0a1.  This package is available on the Python package index at

This version introduces the new Python code generator from Swagger files. This includes new services (e.g. CDN, Logic/Web Apps, Scheduler, Redis Cache or Azure AD Graph RBAC) and improves existing services (Resource management with permissions/roles, network with Application Gateways or ExpressRoute).

This is an alpha release. Future releases may introduce some breaking changes.
Some of the new generated libraries have not yet been tested extensively, and some have known issues (such as azure-mgmt-web).
Our goal is to release a stable version by the end of March 2016. Please send us your feedback!

Full Release Notes:

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