ANN: SfePy 2016.1

Robert Cimrman cimrman3 at
Wed Feb 24 08:20:50 EST 2016

I am pleased to announce release 2016.1 of SfePy.


SfePy (simple finite elements in Python) is a software for solving systems of
coupled partial differential equations by the finite element method or by the
isogeometric analysis (preliminary support). It is distributed under the new
BSD license.

Home page:
Mailing list:
Git (source) repository, issue tracker, wiki:

Highlights of this release

- major simplification of finite element field code
- automatic checking of shapes of term arguments
- improved mesh parametrization code and documentation
- support for fieldsplit preconditioners of PETSc

For full release notes see
(rather long and technical).

Best regards,
Robert Cimrman on behalf of the SfePy development team


Contributors to this release in alphabetical order:

Robert Cimrman
Vladimir Lukes

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