ANN: pytest-nodev v0.9.3 - Test-driven code search

Alessandro Amici alexamici at
Thu Feb 25 04:21:28 EST 2016

I am pleased to announce the release of the new beta release of
pytest-nodev (was pytest-wish) a test-driven code search plugin for pytest:

- renamed the package to pytest-nodev from pytest-wish (sorry!)
- refuse to run potentially dangerous `--wish-from-all` by default and...
- ... document how to run inside a container to safely enable all the
- simpler command line usage
- more documentation and references to the academic research on the
test-driven code search subject

Development effort is directed to fixing bugs and writing better
documentation before the 1.0 release. Help is welcomed and appreciated:

User questions are best directed to and general questions can be
sent to pytest-dev at


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