How we are using a Python-powered wooden-made Pi-based device to help micro-entrepreneurs in Senegal

Ted Boulou tboulou at
Fri Feb 26 07:55:56 EST 2016

Hello sir,madam,

I am Ted, CEO of a start-up based in Senegal that has built the Somtou.

The Somtou is a *wooden-made* tablet-like device based on a *Raspberry
Pi* running
a *Python kivy-based software* that helps the micro-entrepreneurs in Africa
and in emerging markets manage easily their businesses.

We use 3D printing, CNC combined with pure craftsmanship to build the

I have enclose a small presentation.

You can check our website

We will be delighted to discuss forward,
*Founder and Elephant*

Mob : (221) 76 644 50 25
@ : tboulou at <tboulou at>
skype : ted.boulou
*Visit us : <>*

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