[ANN] pyspread 1.0.1

Martin Manns mmanns at gmx.net
Sun Jan 10 06:46:53 EST 2016

 pyspread 1.0.1

Pyspread 1.0.1 is released.

This is a bugfix release. 

Major changes to 1.0:

 * Jedi 0.9 API change fixed.
 * French translation added.
 * Translations updated.
 * GPG now only accepts the chosen key as valid.
 * When an unsaveable xlsx file is opened, a Save As dialog opens.
 * The default file type can now be adjusted in the .pyspreadrc file.
 * Undoing a merge operation now correctly restores data from the
   merged cells.

About pyspread

Pyspread is a non-traditional spreadsheet application that is based on
and written in the programming language Python. 

The goal of pyspread is to be the most pythonic spreadsheet application.

Pyspread is free software. It is released under the GPL v3.

Project website:   https://manns.github.io/pyspread/
Download page:     https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyspread
Source code:       https://github.com/manns/pyspread



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