PyVmMonitor 1.0.1 released

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at
Wed Jan 27 08:26:35 EST 2016

PyVmMonitor 1.0.1 is now available for download

*Release Highlights:*

   - Pstats files may be passed in the command line to be opened in
   - Fixed issue opening PyVmMonitor in Mac OS (El Capitan).
   - Opening PStats file may fail because it's linked to a Python version,
   so, in such a situation, PyVmMonitor allows opening it using a different
   - Command line examples are properly wrapped with quotes on Windows.

See: for more information.

*What is PyVmMonitor?*

PyVmMonitor is a profiler with a simple goal: being the best way to profile
a Python program.


   - Attach profiler to a running (CPython) program
   - Deterministic profiling through cProfile/profile integration
   - On demand profiling with Yappi integration
   - Analyze existing PStats results
   - Open DOT files
   - Programatic API access
   - Profile on a different machine
   - Multiple processes support (multiprocessing, django...)
   - Live sampling/CPU view
   - Select time range
      - Group samples by method or line
   - PyDev integration
   - PyCharm integration


Fabio Zadrozny

Software Developer


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PyVmMonitor - Python Profiler

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