[ANN] Pythran 0.7.5 is out

serge guelton serge.guelton at telecom-bretagne.eu
Thu Jun 16 04:42:32 EDT 2016

(sorry for the double posting, if any)

Dear pythraners and pythonists,

The Pythran team (still 2 active developers) is delighted to
announce the release of Pythran 0.7.5, available on the traditional

    - pypi: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pythran
    - conda: https://anaconda.org/serge-sans-paille/pythran
    - github: https://github.com/serge-sans-paille/pythran

What is it?

Pythran is a static compiler for numerical kernels written in Python + Numpy.
It basically turns Python-compatible modules into native ones,
eventually vectorized and parallelized.


Following the tradition, each release comes with a code sample. This one
comes from http://jakevdp.github.io/blog/2012/08/24/numba-vs-cython/

    #pythran export pythran_pairwise(float64 [][])
    import numpy as np
    def pythran_pairwise(X):
        return np.sqrt(((X[:, None, :] - X) ** 2).sum(-1))

This kernel relies a lot on Numpy's broadcasting, but Pythran can now
compile it efficiently, which is a really nice improvement! It can rip
(without vectorization and parallelization turned on) more than a x5
speedup over the Numpy version \o/

More Infos

We have published some technical details about Pythran internal on the


It is open to third-party contribution!


	* Better Jupyter Note book integration

	* Numpy Broadcasting support

	* Improved value binding analysis

	* Simple inlining optimization

	* Type engine improvement

	* Less fat in the generated modules

	* More and better support for various Numpy functions

	* Various performance improvement

	* Global variable handling, as constants only though


Thanks a lot to Pierrick Brunet for his dedicated work, and to all the
bug reporters and patch providers that helped a lot for this release:

nils-werner, ronbarak, fred oble, geekou, hainm, nbecker and xantares.

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