EuroPython 2016: Conference Dinner and Party - Tickets available

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Mon Jun 20 09:38:13 EDT 2016

We all know that good food, drinks and music are essential for a
perfect EuroPython conference and so we’ve arranged a nice dinner with
local food and a party for Tuesday evening (July 19th).

	    *** EuroPython Conference Dinner and Party ***

If you want to join the fun, please go to the social event page, and
then proceed to the registration form (the same you use to buy
conference tickets).

There’s a new entry available now called “Pyntxos Social Event” which
you can order using the form. Leave the conference tickets fields
blank if you only want to purchase social event tickets.

		   *** Buy Social Event Tickets ***

We have 550 tickets available for the conference dinner and party, so
please book early. The tickets are valid for one person. Please see
the social events page for details of what is included in the ticket

With gravitational regards,
EuroPython 2016 Team

PS: Please forward or retweet to help us reach all interested parties:

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