[RELEASED] Python 3.4.5 and Python 3.5.2 are now available

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Sun Jun 26 22:32:12 EDT 2016

On behalf of the Python development community and the Python 3.4 and 
Python 3.5 release teams, I'm thrilled to announce the availability of 
Python 3.4.5 and Python 3.5.2.

Python 3.4 is now in "security fixes only" mode.  This is the final 
stage of support for Python 3.4.  All changes made to Python 3.4 since 
Python 3.4.4 should be security fixes only; conventional bug fixes are 
not accepted.  Also, Python 3.4.5 and all future releases of Python 3.4 
will only be released as source code--no official binary installers will 
be produced.

Python 3.5 is still in active "bug fix" mode.  Python 3.5.2 contains 
many incremental improvements and bug fixes over Python 3.5.1.

You can find Python 3.4.5 here:


And you can find Python 3.5.2 here:


Releasing software from 30,000 feet,


/p.s. There appears to be a small oops with the Windows installers for 
3.5.2--uploaded to the wrong directory or something. They'll be 
available soon, honest!

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