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Tue Mar 1 15:36:52 EST 2016

Hi All,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of OpenFilters 
version 1.1. You can obtain the new version at

What is OpenFilters?

OpenFilters is an open source software written in Python for the design of 
optical interference filters.

OpenFilters offers multiple tools for the design and optimization of
optical interference coatings, including refinement, the needle method,
the step method, the Fourier transform method and multiband rugates. It
can calculate the transmission, the reflection, the absorption,
ellipsometric variables, phase, group delay, group delay dispersion, the
circle and admittance diagrams, the electric field distribution and the
color of the filter. It can also be used to generate photometric or
ellipsometric monitoring curves.

What is new?

The changes in this version include many more target kinds, a tool to 
simulate the effect of random fabrication errors, the possibility to 
import a material or an index profile from a text file, Sellmeier 
dispersion model, as well as many bug fixes. A complete list of changes 
can be found at

One big change is in the way material files are managed. Now, user defined 
materials are saved in a directory selected by the user. This way, many 
users of the same computer can have different sets of materials. It also 
avoids the bad practice of writing material files in the "Program files" 
directory, which created permission issues with the previous versions of 
OpenFilters. To enable this new feature, the first time you use 
OpenFilters 1.1, you will be asked to select the directory where to save 
your materials.

I am also very excited to announce the release of a Mac version of 
OpenFilters. As I do not own a Mac, this version has not been as largely 
tested as the Windows version, and I would greatly appreciate all your 



Stéphane Larouche, Ph. D.
Creator of OpenFilters
OpenFilters at

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