ANN: nose2pytest 1.0

oliver oliver.schoenborn at
Thu Mar 31 00:04:10 EDT 2016

Announcing a project hosted on GitHub called nose2pytest ( This project helps migrate a test
suite that was written for Nose to work with pure pytest. It converts functions into raw assert statements so you can better
(IMO) leverage pytest assertion introspection. It may even decrease test
suite dependencies by 1; after nose2test has been run on a test suite, it
is no longer needed.

The nose2pytest script has already successfully converted approximately
5000 assertions, so this is v1.0. However, there are many ways to harness
Nose functionality so I'm really curious to see if nose2test can be useful
to others.

I'm sure there is lots of room for improvement. Any feedback or
contributions would be much appreciated.



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