ANN: python_to_coffeescript 0.1

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at
Thu Mar 31 07:36:32 EDT 2016 0.1 is now available on github

This script makes a coffeescript <> (.coffee) file
in the output directory for each source file listed on the command line
(wildcard file names are supported). This script never creates directories
automatically, nor does it overwrite .coffee files unless the --overwrite
command-line option is in effect.

This script merely converts python syntax to the roughly equivalent
coffeescript syntax. It knows nothing about coffeescript semantics. It is
intended *only* to help start creating coffeescript code from an existing
python code base.

This script already does much of the grunt work of converting python to
coffeescript. The script processes itself without error, but coffeescript
itself complains about some results

​Edward​ K. Ream
March 31, 2016
Edward K. Ream: edreamleo at Leo:

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