ANN: Plumage 1.1.0 to access trademark status info from US PTO's TSDR system

Terry Carroll carroll at
Mon May 23 20:29:05 EDT 2016

I am pleased to announce Plumage (Plumage-py) 1.1.0 ("The Big Sky")

Plumage is a module to obtain trademark status and information from the 
United States Patent & Trademark Office's (USPTO's) Trademark Status & 
Document Retrieval (TSDR) system.  It takes as input either a trademark 
registration number or application serial number, fetches the 
corresponding XML data from the PTO's TSDR website, and returns a 
dictionary of data associated with the specified TSDR entry.


   from Plumage import plumage
   t = plumage.TSDRReq()
   t.getTSDRInfo("2564831", "r")   # get info on reg. no 2,564,831
   if t.TSDRMapIsValid:
       print "Application serial no:", t.TSDRMap["ApplicationNumber"]
       print "Trademark text:", t.TSDRMap["MarkVerbalElementText"]
       print "Application filing date:", t.TSDRMap["ApplicationDate"]
       print "Registration no:", t.TSDRMap["RegistrationNumber"]
       # Owner info is in most recent (0th) entry in ApplicantList
       applicant_list = t.TSDRMap["ApplicantList"]
       current_owner_info = applicant_list[0]
       print "Owner:", current_owner_info["ApplicantName"]

Will print:
   Application serial no:  75181334
   Application filing date:  1996-10-15-04:00
   Registration no:  2564831
   Owner: Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd.

I first made Plumage available almost two years ago, but V1.1.0 is the 
first release I have formally announced. New in this release:

* Support for ST.96 V 2.2.1 (adopted by the US PTO on May 6, 2016)
* Added diagnostic where older ST.96 1-D3 is encountered
* small potential date bug fixed

License: Apache Software License V2

Terry Carroll

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