ANN: SortedContainers 1.5.2 Released

Grant Jenks grant.jenks at
Sun May 29 22:33:46 EDT 2016

Announcing the release of SortedContainers version 1.5.2

What is SortedContainers?

SortedContainers is an Apache2-licensed, pure-Python implementation of
sorted list, sorted dict, and sorted set data types that is fast-as-C
implementations with 100% code coverage and hours of stress testing.
The project is fully documented with performance benchmarks and
comparisons to alternative implementations.

What's new in 1.5.2?

* Published Performance at Scale:
- Benchmarked SortedList with 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) elements.
- Detailed runtime complexity and memory advantages.
* New method: ``SortedDict.peekitem(index=-1)``
* Published SF Python Meetup Holiday 2015 Lightning Talk:
* Changed development status to Production/Stable.
* Updated alternative implementations.
* Updated runtime comparison to use CPython 3.5.
* Numerous docs improvements with better examples.
* Minor source changes for readability and Pylint.


- Documentation:
- Download:
- Source:
- Issues:

This release is backwards-compatible. Please upgrade.

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