EuroPython 2016 Keynote: Paul Hildebrandt

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Tue May 31 09:22:23 EDT 2016

We are pleased to announce our next keynote speaker for EuroPython

		       *** Paul Hildebrandt ***

About Paul Hildebrandt

Paul Hildebrandt has been a Senior Engineer with Walt Disney Animation
Studios (WDAS) since 1996, and has worked in both Systems and Software
engineering. His current title is Senior Software Engineer and Product
Owner for the Playback tools among his primary duties is spending time
working with the artists, understanding their needs, and designing
tools to assist them. If he is lucky, he gets to write code.

Hildebrandt was born and raised in Anaheim, California. He received
his BSEE with a focus on Computing from California Polytechnic
University Pomona. He resides outside of Los Angeles with his wife and
three boys.

The Keynote: Inside the Hat: Python @ Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Walt Disney Animation Studios has a long history of creating
acclaimed animated films and continues to be an industry leader with
regards to artistic achievements, storytelling excellence, and
cutting-edge innovations. Since the 1923 release of “Snow White”
they’ve been pushing forward technology in the art of movie
making. This push continues in the modern day with classics such as
Oscar winning box office hits “Big Hero 6” and “Frozen” and Oscar
nominated hits “Wreck-It Ralph”, “Tangled”, “Bolt”, “Treasure Planet”,
and “Dinosaur”.

    One of the most common questions I get when attending Python
    conferences is “Why are you here?”  People seem confused that
    technology, especially Python is used in the making of animated

Paul will give you some background on the Walt Disney Animation
Studios and talk about where specifically Python comes into play.

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EuroPython 2016 Team

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