Released: pip v9.0.0

Donald Stufft donald at
Wed Nov 2 15:26:28 EDT 2016

I’d like to announce the release of pip v9.0. 

This release features:

* The 9.x series will be the last pip versions to support Python 2.6.
* Support for Requires-Python (will require additional support in setuptools/PyPI) to allow releasing sdists that will be ignored by specific versions of Python (e.g. foobar 5.x doesn’t get downloaded on 2.6).
* Ability to pass platform, Python version, implementation, etc into ``pip download`` to download wheels for other platforms.
* Add a ``pick check`` command to check the state of installed dependencies.
* Add new formats for ``pip list``, including a new columnar layout and a JSON format for ease of scripting.

For a full list of changes, see <>.

Donald Stufft

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