SCons 2.5.1 Released

Bill Deegan bill at
Sat Nov 5 13:30:52 EDT 2016

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                 SCons - a software construction tool

                            Change Log

RELEASE 2.5.1 - Mon, 03 Nov 2016 13:37:42 -0400

  From William Deegan:
    - Add to packaging. It was omitted

  From Alexey Klimkin:
    - Use memoization to optimize PATH evaluation across all dependencies
      node. (PR #345)

RELEASE 2.5.0 - Mon, 09 Apr 2016 11:27:42 -0700

  From Dirk Baechle:
    - Removed a lot of compatibility methods and workarounds
      for Python versions < 2.7, in order to prepare the work
      towards a combined 2.7/3.x version. (PR #284)
      Also fixed the default arguments for the print_tree and
      render_tree methods. (PR #284, too)

  From William Blevins:
    - Added support for cross-language dependency scanning;
      SCons now respects scanner keys for implicit dependencies.
      - Notes for SCons users with heterogeneous systems.
        - May find new (previously missed) dependencies.
        - May cause rebuild after upgrade due to dependency changes.
        - May find new dependency errors (EG. cycles).
          - Discovered in some of the SCons QT tests.
    - Resolved missing cross-language dependencies for
      SWIG bindings (fixes #2264).
    - Corrected typo in User Guide for Scanner keyword. (PR #2959)
    - Install builder interacts with scanner found in SCANNERS differently.
      - Previous: Install builder recursively scanned implicit dependencies
        for scanners from SCANNER, but not for built-in (default) scanners.
      - Current: Install builder will not scan for implicit dependencies via
        either scanner source. This optimizes some Install builder behavior
        and brings orthogonality to Install builder scanning behavior.

  From William Deegan:
    - Add better messaging when two environments have
      different actions for the same target (Bug #2024)
    - Fix issue only with MSVC and Always build where targets
      marked AlwaysBuild wouldn't make it into CHANGED_SOURCES
      and thus yield an empty compile command line. (Bug #2622)
    - Fix posix platform escaping logic to properly handle paths
      with parens in them "()".  (Bug #2225)

  From Jakub Pola:
    - Intel Compiler 2016 (Linux/Mac) update for tool directories.

  From Adarsh Sanjeev:
    - Fix for issue #2494: Added string support for Chmod function.

  From Tom Tanner:
    - change cache to use 2 character subdirectories, rather than one
      so as not to give huge directories for large caches, a situation which
      causes issues for NFS.
      For existing caches, you will need to run the
      script to update them to the new format. You will get a warning every
      you build until you co this.
    - Fix a bunch of unit tests on windows

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