Trac 1.2 Released

Ryan Ollos rjollos at
Fri Nov 4 22:08:25 EDT 2016

Trac 1.2 is now available.

You can find the release at the usual place:

Trac 1.2 is the first major release of Trac in more than 4 years.
The following are some highlights from the release:
* Extensible notification system (#3517)
* Notification preference panel (#4056)
* Usernames replaced with full names (#7339)
* Restyled ticket changelog (#11835)
* Workflow controls on the New Ticket page (#2045)
* Editable wiki page version comments (#6573)
* Datetime custom fields (#1942)

You can find the detailed release notes for 1.2 on the following pages:

Now to the packages themselves:


MD5 sums:
6ee8b4d749eba651d82019bb11cfdee0  Trac-1.2-py2-none-any.whl
ff3a7d78099a269ae2035a6cf8adccbb  Trac-1.2.tar.gz
29fb381b01554063e687f68e21582e96  Trac-1.2.win32.exe

SHA1 sums:
8c47aa3de4111889e9b2b9f11885b1e6a01ec934  Trac-1.2-py2-none-any.whl
f4c2cca41f7e7d1def37b736a502bbb9db72df2b  Trac-1.2.tar.gz
96ec3b6662baa59ffaa6407de50be9c12fa525ef  Trac-1.2.win32.exe

We look forward to your feedback on the release candidate.

/The Trac Team

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