tox-2.5.0: little fixes and improvements

holger krekel holger at
Wed Nov 16 10:12:36 EST 2016

hi all,

tox-2.5.0 was just released to pypi, see

for docs and the changelog below for details.

Many thanks to 

    Oliver Bestwalter, 
    Ronny Pfannschmidt, 
    Bruno Oliveira, 
    Lukasz Rogalski, 
    John Vandenberg, 
    Florian Bruhin 

and all others who submitted issues and helped resolve them.

holger krekel


- slightly backward incompatible: fix issue310: the {posargs} substitution 
  now properly preserves the tox command line positional arguments. Positional 
  arguments with spaces are now properly handled.
  NOTE: if your tox invocation previously used extra quoting for positional arguments to
  work around issue310, you need to remove the quoting. Example:
  tox -- "'some string'"  # has to now be written simply as 
  tox -- "some string"
  thanks holger krekel.  You can set ``minversion = 2.5.0`` in the ``[tox]`` 
  section of ``tox.ini`` to make sure people using your tox.ini use the correct version.

- fix #359: add COMSPEC to default passenv on windows.  Thanks

- add support for py36 and py37 and add py36-dev and py37(nightly) to
  travis builds of tox. Thanks John Vandenberg.

- fix #348: add py2 and py3 as default environments pointing to
  "python2" and "python3" basepython executables.  Also fix #347 by 
  updating the list of default envs in the tox basic example.
  Thanks Tobias McNulty.

- make "-h" and "--help-ini" options work even if there is no tox.ini,
  thanks holger krekel.

- add {:} substitution, which is replaced with os-specific path
  separator, thanks Lukasz Rogalski.

- fix #305: ``downloadcache`` test env config is now ignored as pip-8
  does caching by default. Thanks holger krekel.

- output from install command in verbose (-vv) mode is now printed to console instead of
  being redirected to file, thanks Lukasz Rogalski

- fix #399.  Make sure {envtmpdir} is created if it doesn't exist at the
  start of a testenvironment run. Thanks Manuel Jacob.

- fix #316: Lack of commands key in ini file is now treated as an error.
  Reported virtualenv status is 'nothing to do' instead of 'commands
  succeeded', with relevant error message displayed. Thanks Lukasz Rogalski.

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