tox-2.4.0 released, moved to github, docs on readthedocs now

holger krekel holger at
Wed Oct 12 07:16:36 EDT 2016

tox-2.4.0 brings some fixes and new features, see the changelog below.  Docs are now at:

and, thanks to Ronny Pfannschmidt, the tox repository is now on github:

also many thanks to Oliver Bestwalter, Alex Grönholm, Stefan Obermann, Danielle Jenkins, Ted Shaw, Andrzej Ostrowski and Florian Bruhin who helped with the release particularly during the crowd-funded testing sprint we had in Freiburg, June 2016.

have testing fun,
holger krekel


- remove PYTHONPATH from environment during the install phase because a
  tox-run should not have hidden dependencies and the test commands will also
  not see a PYTHONPATH.  If this causes unforeseen problems it may be
  reverted in a bugfix release.  Thanks Jason R. Coombs.

- fix issue352: prevent a configuration where envdir==toxinidir and
  refine docs to warn people about changing "envdir". Thanks Oliver Bestwalter and holger krekel.

- fix issue375, fix issue330: warn against integration as
  " test" should really just test with the current interpreter. Thanks Ronny Pfannschmidt.

- fix issue302: allow cross-testenv substitution where we substitute
  with ``{x,y}`` generative syntax.  Thanks Andrew Pashkin.

- fix issue212: allow escaping curly brace chars "\{" and "\}" if you need the
  chars "{" and "}" to appear in your commands or other ini values.
  Thanks John Vandenberg.

- addresses issue66: add --workdir option to override where tox stores its ".tox" directory
  and all of the virtualenv environment.  Thanks Danring.

- introduce per-venv list_dependencies_command which defaults
  to "pip freeze" to obtain the list of installed packages.
  Thanks Ted Shaw, Holger Krekel.

- close issue66: add documentation to jenkins page on how to avoid
  "too long shebang" lines when calling pip from tox.  Note that we
  can not use "python -m pip install X" by default because the latter
  adds the CWD and pip will think X is installed if it is there.
  "pip install X" does not do that.

- new list_dependencies_command to influence how tox determines
  which dependencies are installed in a testenv.

- (experimental) New feature: When a search for a config file fails, tox tries loading
  setup.cfg with a section prefix of "tox".

- fix issue275: Introduce hooks ``tox_runtest_pre``` and
  ``tox_runtest_post`` which run before and after the tests of a venv,
  respectively. Thanks to Matthew Schinckel and itxaka serrano.

- fix issue317: evaluate minversion before tox config is parsed completely.
  Thanks Sachi King for the PR.

- added the "extras" environment option to specify the extras to use when doing the
  sdist or develop install. Contributed by Alex Grönholm.

- use pytest-catchlog instead of pytest-capturelog (latter is not
  maintained, uses deprecated pytest API)

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