Nikola v7.8.1 is out!

Chris Warrick kwpolska at
Thu Oct 13 14:35:57 EDT 2016

On behalf of the Nikola team, I am pleased to announce the immediate
availability of Nikola v7.8.1. It fixes some bugs and adds new

What is Nikola?

Nikola is a static site and blog generator, written in Python.
It can use Mako and Jinja2 templates, and input in many popular markup
formats, such as reStructuredText and Markdown — and can even turn
Jupyter (IPython) Notebooks into blog posts! It also supports image
galleries, and is multilingual. Nikola is flexible, and page builds
are extremely fast, courtesy of doit (which is rebuilding only what
has been changed).

Find out more at the website:


Install using `pip install Nikola` or download tarballs on GitHub and PyPI:



* Rename ``stories`` to ``pages`` in most of the codebase (Issue
* Report missing/unknown dates in posts with filenames
  (Issues #2505, #2506)
* Report filename of post that raised exception when scanning
  (Issue #2505)
* Accept ``page`` and ``pages`` for the ``type`` field in post lists
* Don’t crash if a post list has no posts (Issue #2489)


* Add Hebrew translation by Yitzhak Bar Geva
* Add Chinese (Traditional) ``zh_TW`` translation by Po-Wen Chi
* Add ``nikola theme --list-installed`` (Issue #2504)
* Add ``KATEX_AUTO_RENDER`` setting to configure math delimiters
* Update KaTeX version to 0.6.0: support aligned math display
* Better support for a tree of files in ``data/``

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