Trac 1.2rc1 available

Ryan Ollos ryan.j.ollos at
Thu Sep 15 00:28:28 EDT 2016

Trac 1.2rc1 is now available and ready for testing. Please give it a try
in your test environments and report any issues you encounter.

You can find the release at the usual place:

Trac 1.2rc1 is the culmination of nearly 4 years of development, with
more than 200 issue resolved.

You can find the detailed release notes for 1.2rc1 on the following pages:

Now to the packages themselves:


MD5 sums:
4e056bc226d11e3d368da58789d3c960  Trac-1.2rc1-py2-none-any.whl
0e625f8f5ad4930a05445ec3b521c7e0  Trac-1.2rc1.tar.gz
d3e25ed5cfa4830ff8463fe8bb9ff717  Trac-1.2rc1.win32.exe

SHA1 sums:
99c56b1596236ba566287b9d3156239d1d527a28  Trac-1.2rc1-py2-none-any.whl
f59e9cd657ddef732c275eeb4a447c2854a9523a  Trac-1.2rc1.tar.gz
38f46ce9c8668227fdd8c9ff380f620e8df5ae4c  Trac-1.2rc1.win32.exe

We look forward to your feedback on the release candidate.

/The Trac Team

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