pytest-logger 0.2.0

Krzysztof Laskowski aurzenligl at
Mon Aug 14 12:17:24 EDT 2017

Hi All,

pytest-logger is a pytest plugin putting stdlib logs to:
     - tmpdir directory structure mimicking test suite structure,
     - pytest terminal output in real time, as test progresses.


* logs to filesystem in fine-grained way: per-logger and per-testcase
* logs to terminal in real-time: allows cmdline filtering by logger and 
* uses pytest hooks as user API, which makes plugin neutral unless 
deliberately hook-configured

     # example
     def pytest_logger_config(logger_config):
         - foo.warn, bar.warn and baz.warn to filesystem,
         - foo.warn, bar.error to terminal
         - allows to change default --log value to any combination of 
loggers and levels
         logger_config.add_loggers(['foo', 'bar', 'baz'], 

I'd happily receive feedback and suggestions via mail or github issues.

Best Regards,
Krzysztof Laskowski

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