Conx, Easy to use Deep Learning

Doug Blank doug.blank at
Sat Aug 19 08:56:42 EDT 2017

An initial release of new Python library for Deep Learning: conx (pronounced
"connects"). Built on Keras, but with enhancements, and designed for
researchers, teaching, and learning.


What niche does conx fill?

* designed for students and researchers that don't want to work with (or
don't know) numpy, matplotlib, or Keras functional-api
* tight integration with Jupyter notebooks
* widget-based app for easy exploration of ANN models
* error messages designed for humans
* standard input and target dataset API (separate from internal Keras
numpy-based format)
* supports all Keras layers via thin wrappers
* creates standard Keras models
* extended propagate functions: propagate_to, propagate_from
* designed for use with an online robot simulator (optional)
* built-in plotting and webcam interfaces
* creates updatable network images (SVG) with activations, like this one:

We're just getting started, so if you would like to collaborate, or have
ideas, please let us know!

Discussion group here:!forum/conx-users

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