ANN: Trio v0.2.0 released

Nathaniel Smith njs at
Wed Dec 6 07:28:06 EST 2017

Hi all,

I'm proud to announce the release of Trio v0.2.0. Trio is a new async
concurrency library for Python that's obsessed with usability and correctness
-- we want to make it easy to get things right. This is the second public
release, and it contains major new features and bugfixes from 14 contributors.

You can read the full release notes here:

Some things I'm particularly excited about are:

- Comprehensive support for async file I/O

- The new 'nursery.start' method for clean startup of complex task trees

- The new high-level networking API -- this is roughly the same level
of abstraction as twisted/asyncio's protocols/transports. Includes luxuries
like happy eyeballs for most robust client connections, and server helpers that
 integrate with nursery.start.

- Complete support for using SSL/TLS encryption over arbitrary
transports. You can even do SSL-over-SSL, which is useful for HTTPS proxies and
 AFAIK not supported by any other Python library.

- Task-local storage.

- Our new contributing guide:

To get started with Trio, the best place to start is our tutorial:

It doesn't assume any prior familiarity with concurrency or async/await.

Share and enjoy,

Nathaniel J. Smith --

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