importlib_resources 0.2

Barry Warsaw barry at
Thu Dec 14 16:11:13 EST 2017

I am happy to announce the release of importlib_resources 0.2.  This version has several bug fixes and a backward incompatible API change.  Instead of a single open() and read() functions, we’ve split them into open_text(), open_binary(), read_text(), and read_binary() functions.

importlib_resources is a library that leverages Python’s import system to provide access to resources within packages. Given that this library is built on top of the import system, it is highly efficient and easy to use. This library’s philosophy is that, if you can import a package, you can access resources within that package. Resources can be opened or read, in either binary or text mode.  This library is compatible with Python 2.7, and 3.4-3.7.

We’re fairly happy with this API, so our attention now turns to porting this into the standard library for Python 3.7.  You can follow along that effort via this issue:

Documentation and other project details for importlib_resources is available here:


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