AggDraw 1.3 Release

David Hoese dhoese at
Thu Dec 21 16:09:24 EST 2017

I am happy to announce the revival of the AggDraw project and the 
release of version 1.3. This release is the first official PyPI release 
in over 12 years. Most importantly this release adds Python 3 support.

AggDraw is a high-quality graphics engine for PIL, based on Maxim 
Shemanarev's Anti-Grain Geometry library (from

The original author, effbot, was unable to continue maintaining the 
project quite a few years ago. After the project stopped being 
maintained many developers forked the project and started their own 
additions and modifications. In an effort consolidate and revive the 
project for those that needed it the PyTroll group of developers have 
taken over maintainership. If anyone has an interest in joining us in 
maintaining the project let us know on our mailing list or slack:

Release notes:
GitHub/Bug Tracker:

-AggDraw Developers

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