[ANN] pyspread 1.1

Martin Manns mmanns at gmx.net
Sun Jan 8 08:08:07 EST 2017

 pyspread 1.1

Pyspread 1.1 has been released.

About pyspread

Pyspread is a non-traditional spreadsheet application that is based on
and written in the programming language Python. 

The goal of pyspread is to be the most pythonic spreadsheet application.

Pyspread is free software. It is released under the GPL v3.

Project website:   https://manns.github.io/pyspread/
Download page:     https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyspread
Source code:       https://github.com/manns/pyspread

Release 1.1 focuses on usability

Besides feedback from visualization of statistics analyzes, feedback
from using pyspread as a presentation tool has been taken into account.
Pre-releases of 1.1 have been successfully used for presentations with
up to 50 pages that include multiple videos.

New features

 * Video support (requires libvlc).
 * Spell checking (requires pyenchant).
 * Copy and paste of cell formats (only) via <Ctrl>+<Alt>+C and
   <Ctrl>+<Alt>+V . Copying formats has been decoupled from content in
   order to avoid unwanted side effects that can be experienced in
   current Office suites. 
 * <F6> fits the grid to the screen size if the grid is not too large.
 * OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ods) file open support (requires pyodf,
   only cell values, yet). 
 * Alpha blending option added to multiple chart types.

Usability improvements

 * New panel for table choice for better usability with poor mouse
 * The default UI language has been changed from system default to
 * The current row and column now is highlighted in the grid labels.
 * In fullscreen mode, arrow keys and space navigate through the tables.
 * The cell cursor is now hidden in fullscreen mode.
 * Changing preferences now refreshes the grid.
 * The cell editor is now closed and all changes are discarded when the
   table is switched.
 * The UI language can now be chosen from preferences dialog.
 * The default open and save filetypes can now be set in preferences
   dialog, which simplifies using pysu files via git.

Major bug fixes

 * Unmerging cells no longer leads to strange side effects.
 * Cell attribute access is now faster if many tables are present.
 * The cell editor is now closed and all changes are discarded when the
   table is switched.
 * Xls file import made independent from screen resolution.
 * The current directory is now changed to the directory, so that
   relative file access is possible.
 * Concurrent saving operations fixed.

Known issues

 * Button cells and video cells may require two clicks instead of one.
 * Fonts in presentations may differ between platforms, which can cause
   undesirable differences line breaks.
 * ODS import is still very limited and does not cover cell formatting.


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