StdConfigParser 1.0 release

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Tue Jan 3 19:03:50 EST 2017

Announcing the release of StdConfigParser 1.0

What is it?

This is the Python configparser with an extra class StdConfigParser. The 
StdConfigParser class uses specified parameters to initialize the Python 
ConfigParser and adds some useful converters. The result is a simple well 
defined syntax for the INI file. See it as a preconfigured ConfigParser class 
for you. It allows interoperability in configuration between different 

Also contains everything to be a full backport of the configparser module from 
Python 3.5 to Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4.

Everything in one module easy to vendor or install no extra dependencies.


Even if you don't need the additional class StdConfigParser this module is 
useful as a backport of the ConfigParser class with the features from Python 
3.5 to older Python versions. All in one file without the namespace or ".pth" 
problems of other backports. Also easy to vendor!

What's new in 1.0

- Support Python 3.6
- Improve stability in error cases. Test improved error reporting.


- Download:
- Source:
- Documentation:

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