ANN: AnacondaCON February 7-9, Austin TX --- Python powered Open Data Science Conference

Travis Oliphant teoliphant at
Thu Jan 12 02:25:29 EST 2017

AnacondaCON February 7-9, Austin Texas

3-day Anaconda Open Data Science User Conference celebrating a strong
Python success story.

Hello everyone,

It has been 5 years since Peter Wang and I started Continuum Analytics with
the objective of expanding the commercial adoption of Python for
data-science, quantitative, computational, and numerical computing.  Thanks
to the amazing community and my colleagues at Continuum we've seen that
objective come to fruition and company after company is choosing Python as
their forward looking numerical computing modeling and data-science

We created Anaconda to make it easy for individuals and organizations to
adopt the rich suite of tools and libraries that are commonly used by
scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.  As Anaconda has lowered the
barrier for people to adopt the open data science software stack we've seen
a significant increase in use by people who previously were unlikely to
move beyond Excel, and organizations who are recognizing the kind of value
that a strategic investment in Python can bring them.

Nearly 8 million people have downloaded Anaconda this year many of whom are
using Python for the first time (and choosing Python 3.X).  It's been a
dream come true to see all of our early efforts around SciPy, NumPy, and
Python come to fruition in the enterprise.   It's been an incredible
journey and is something the Python community can and should celebrate.

With that background I am excited to announce AnacondaCON, a 3 day Anaconda
user conference happening February 7-9 in Austin Texas.  We currently have
2-for-1 pricing until January 16th (2 tickets for $999).   We have an amazing
line up of speakers from industry, government, academia and, of course,

Peter and I will both be speaking there.  I will be speaking about the
future of open data science including what community-oriented open-source
technologies we specifically will be working on and contributing to that
continue the success of numpy, scipy, pandas, conda, numba, bokeh, dask,
spyder, holoviews, phosphorjs, jupyter, and more.

I will also be discussing some ideas we are pursuing on the future of array
computing for Python 3.X and how to build a substructure for vector
computing that integrates better with the broader Python ecosystem and is
inspired by and can use the typing hints becoming popular in Python 3.X.

Python's future in technical computing and data science has never been
brighter and AnacondaCON is a great opportunity to connect with an
interesting segment of this larger community and catch up with others
interested in enterprise adoption of Python for data science and numerical
/ technical computing.

I really hope to see you there.


Travis Oliphant

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