Nikola v7.8.3 is out! (emergency bugfix release)

Chris Warrick kwpolska at
Fri Jan 13 04:25:57 EST 2017

On behalf of the Nikola team, I am pleased to announce the immediate
availability of Nikola v7.8.3. This is an emergency bugfix release,
which fixes a bug that prevented ``nikola new_page`` from working.
There has also been a minor change to post sorting order (won’t affect
most sites). The wheel packages have also been fixed (they now exist
for Python 2 and 3, with correct doit versioning).

What is Nikola?

Nikola is a static site and blog generator, written in Python.
It can use Mako and Jinja2 templates, and input in many popular markup
formats, such as reStructuredText and Markdown — and can even turn
Jupyter (IPython) Notebooks into blog posts! It also supports image
galleries, and is multilingual. Nikola is flexible, and page builds
are extremely fast, courtesy of doit (which is rebuilding only what
has been changed).

Find out more at the website:


Install using `pip install Nikola` or download tarballs on GitHub and PyPI:



* Sort posts chronologically with one unified function (easier to
  change). (Issue #2627)
* Sort posts in the following order (most important last): source path
  (A-Z), title (A-Z), date (reverse chronological order), priority
  meta number (descending). (Issue #2627)


* Fix a bug that prevents ``nikola new_page`` from working (Issue #2631)

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