EuroPython 2017: Beginners’ Day workshop revived

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Wed Jul 5 05:37:27 EDT 2017

Our Beginners’ Day host Harry Percival cannot attend EuroPython due to
personal reasons, but thanks to our brilliant community, we have
managed to find trainers who are willing to help out and run the

 * Ilian Iliev
 * Juan Manuel Santos
 * Petr Viktorin
 * Lasse Schuirmann
 * Michał Bultrowicz

A big thanks for the quick offers of help. So once more, we’re pleased
to present the...

		     * Beginners’ Day Workshop *

We will have a Beginners’ Day workshop, on Sunday, July 9th, from
10:00 until 17:00, at the Palacongressi di Rimini (Via della Fiera 23,
Rimini), the same location as the main conference.

The session will be presented in English (although a few of the
coaches do speak other languages as well).

Please bring your laptop, as a large part of the day will be devoted
to learning Python on your own PC.

For more information and the session list, please see the Beginners’
Day workshop page on our website:

EuroPython 2017 Team

PS: Please forward or retweet to help us reach all interested parties:

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