QuantiPhy 2.0

Ken Kundert admin at shalmirane.com
Thu Jul 13 14:26:52 EDT 2017

QuantiPhy -- Physical Quantities

QuantiPhy is a Python library that offers support for physical quantities. 
A quantity is the pairing of a number and a unit of measure that indicates the 
amount of some measurable thing. QuantiPhy provides quantity objects that keep 
the units with the number, making it easy to share them as single object. They 
subclass float and so can be used anywhere a number is appropriate.

QuantiPhy naturally supports SI scale factors, which are widely used in science 
and engineering. SI scale factors make it possible to cleanly represent both 
very large and very small quantities in a form that is both easy to read and 
write. While generally better for humans, no general programming language 
provides direct support for reading or writing quantities with SI scale factors, 
making it difficult to write software that communicates effectively with humans. 
QuantiPhy addresses this deficiency, making it natural and simple to both input 
and output physical quantities.

* Flexibly reads amounts with units and SI scale factors.
* Quantities subclass the float class and so can be used as conventional numbers.
* Generally includes the units when printing or converting to strings and by default employs SI scale factors.
* Flexible unit conversion and scaling is supported to make it easy to convert to or from any required form.
* Provides a small but extensible collection of physical constants.



This is the first formal production release. With this release the API is 
considered mature and fully supported.


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