concurrent-log-handler 0.9.6 released

Preston Landers planders at
Sun Jul 30 11:23:32 EDT 2017


RotatingFileHandler replacement with concurrency, gzip and Windows support

This package provides an additional log handler for Python's standard logging
package (PEP 282). This handler will write log events to a log file which is
rotated when the log file reaches a certain size.  Multiple processes can
safely write to the same log file concurrently. Rotated logs can be gzipped
if desired. Windows and POSIX systems are supported.  An optional threaded
queue logging handler is provided to perform logging in the background.

This is a fork of Lowell Alleman's ConcurrentLogHandler 0.9.1 with additional

* Renamed package to `concurrent_log_handler`
* Provide `use_gzip` option to compress rotated logs
* Support for Windows
  * Note: PyWin32 is required on Windows, but can't be installed as an
    automatic dependency because it's not currently installable through pip.
* Fix deadlocking problem with ConcurrentLogHandler under newer Python
* More secure generation of random numbers for temporary filenames
* Change the name of the lockfile to have .__ in front of it (hide it on Posix)
* Provide a QueueListener / QueueHandler implementation for
  handling log events in a background thread. Optional: requires Python 3.


`pip install concurrent-log-handler`

News / Changes

- 0.9.7/0.9.6: Fix platform specifier for PyPi

- 0.9.5: Add `use_gzip` option to compress rotated logs. Add an
optional threaded
logging queue handler based on the standard library's `logging.QueueHandler`.

- 0.9.4: Fix to not include tests in distribution.

- 0.9.3: Refactoring release
   * For publishing fork on pypi as `concurrent-log-handler` under new
package name.
   * NOTE: PyWin32 is required on Windows but is not an explicit
dependency because
           the PyWin32 package is not currently installable through pip.
   * Fix lock behavior / race condition

- 0.9.2: Initial release of fork by Preston Landers based on a fork of
Lowell Alleman's
  ConcurrentLogHandler 0.9.1
   * Fixes deadlocking issue with recent versions of Python
   * Puts `.__` prefix in front of lock file name
   * Use `secrets` or `SystemRandom` if available.
   * Add/fix Windows support


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