Announcing Kansha 2.0

Romuald Texier-Marcadé romuald.texier-marcade at
Tue Jun 13 10:04:20 EDT 2017

On behalf of the Kansha Team, I'm glad to announce the release of 
Kansha 2.0.

This new release focuses on improving the user experience and on 
enabling third parties to
contribute new features as plugins.

You can test it on or, if you prefer, by running 
it in docker:

  docker run -p 8080:8080 netng/kansha:v2.0.0

Kansha is available for install from the Python Package index at

The source code, under a BSD license, is hosted on Github at

You can read the documentation on


For users

 * New, responsive theme
 * Board templates (save board as template, create board from template)
 * Shared boards  (public boards that are advertised on home pages)
 * Optional identicons
 * UX improvements
 * More control upon image backgrounds
 * Week view in calendar
 * Performance improvements, lower latency
 * New wysiwig editor
 * Turkish language support
 * Japanese language support
 * and the usual set of bugfixes

For developers

 * Cleaner Card code
 * Card plugin extensions
 * Service injection
 * Pluggable theme
 * Reorganised authentication modules

What is Kansha?

Kansha is an open source web application written in python to manage 
and share collaborative scrum boards.


The Kansha Development Team.

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