PyCon.DE 2017 - Call for Proposals

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Mon Jun 19 12:46:50 EDT 2017

Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the PyCon.DE 2017 is open until July 30, 2017.
Please submit your proposals here:

We’re looking for proposals on every aspect of Python: programming from novice
to advanced levels, applications and frameworks, or how you have been involved
in introducing Python into your organization. PyCon.DE is a community
conference and we are eager to hear about your experience.

The conference will be held in English language only.

The conferences addresses:

* Data Scientists
* Software Developers
* System Administrators
* Academic Scientists
* Technology Enthusiasts

We are looking for:

* 30 minute presentations (incl. optional 5 minute Q&A)
* 45 minute presentations (incl. optional 5 minute Q&A)

PyData @ PyConDE 2017

There will be a PyData track at this year’s conference. Please submit your
papers for the PyData track through the PyConDE form.

About PyCon.DE 2017

The next PyCon.DE will be held October 25 - 27, 2017 at the ZKM - Center for
Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany [1]. The conference is the sixth in this
series, gathering Python professionals and enthusiasts. The conference language
will English, attracting Pythonistas from all over Europe and the world.
Volunteers organize and provide talks, tutorials, as well as discussions in an
open-source fashion.

This Karlsruhe conference has a special focus on data science. Therefore, a
PyData conference is held  as part of PyCon.DE. PyData [2] is an
internationally renowned conference series, which is dedicated to data science,
machine learning, and AI.

The ZKM - Center for Art and the Media  is a unique cultural institution, as it
is a place that extends the original tasks of the museum. It is a home of all
media and genres, a house of both the traditional arts like painting,
photography, and sculpture as well as the time-based arts such as film, video,
media art, music, dance, theater, and performance.

Conference registration is open. Don't miss this event!
More information available at:


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