Blockbuster updates to four free desktop apps

Mark Lutz lutz at
Tue Jun 20 15:00:52 EDT 2017

Announcing colossal new releases of four desktop programs:

* PyEdit - Edit Text. Run Code. Have Fun.

    A Python/Tk text-editor and code-launcher GUI, that can
    be used as both standalone program and library component.

* Frigcal - Personal Calendar GUI; No Login Required

    A Python/Tk calendar GUI, which stores your calendar entries
    in portable ICS files that work across all platforms. 

* Mergeall - Backup and Mirror Your Stuff Your Way

    A Python/Tk GUI+script program that does both incremental 
    backups, and manual but private content propagation. 

* PyMailGUI - Email Without the Evil

    A Python/Tk email client GUI, for accessing email both 
    online at email accounts, and offline in save files.

All four now run on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux; are now 
available as Mac app, Windows and Linux executable, and 
full source-code packages; and come with privacy baked in.

If you used any of these programs in the past, you may also 
be interested in recent upgrades.  Among the highlights:

- PyEdit has a new Run Code, auto-saves, and menu accelerators
- Frigcal features a new GUI launcher and calendar-search tool
- Mergeall does symlinks, cruft skips, and Windows long paths 
- PyMailGUI sports a new GUI launcher and unsaved-changes tests 

For all the details, and to grab copies of your own, visit
programs central here:

--M. Lutz,

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