EuroPython 2017: Call for on-site volunteers

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Thu Jun 22 11:34:51 EDT 2017

Would you like to be more than a participant and contribute to make
this 2017 edition of EuroPython a smooth success? Help us!

		    * EuroPython 2017 Volunteers *

We have a few tasks that are open for attendees who would like to
volunteer: fancy helping at the registration desk? Willing to chair a
session? Find out how you can contribute and which task you can commit

What kind of qualifications do you need ?

English is a requirement. More languages are an advantage. Check our
webpage or write us for any further information.

The conference ticket is a requirement. We cannot give you a free
ticket, but we would like to thank you with one of our volunteer

How do you sign up ?

You can sign up for activities on our EuroPython 2017 Volunteer App:

We really appreciate your help !

Don’t forget to get your EuroPython ticket

If you want to join the EuroPython fun, be sure to get your tickets as
soon as possible, since ticket sales have picked up quite a bit after
we announced the schedule.

EuroPython 2017 Team

PS: Please forward or retweet to help us reach all interested parties:

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