TatSu v4.2.5 released

nospam. Juancarlo Añez apalala at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 01:35:00 EST 2017

ç«£ TatSu (the successor to Grako) is a tool that takes grammars in a
variation of EBNF as input, and outputs memoizing (Packrat) PEG parsers in

ç«£ TatSu can compile a grammar stored in a string into a
tatsu.grammars.Grammar object that can be used to parse any given input, much
like the re module does with regular expressions, or it can generate a Python
module that implements the parser.

ç«£ TatSu fully supports left-recursive rules in PEG grammars using the
algorithm by Laurent and Mens. The generated AST has the expected left



* #42 <https://github.com/neogeny/TatSu/issues/42> Rename vim files from
grako.vim to tatsu.vim (@fcoelho <https://github.com/fcoelho>)
* #51 <https://github.com/neogeny/TatSu/issues/51> Fix inconsistent code
generation for whitespace (@fpom <https://github.com/fpom>)
* #54 <https://github.com/neogeny/TatSu/pull/54> Only care about case of
first letter of rule name for determining advance over whitespace (@acw1251

* #40 Make the start rule default to the first rule defined in the grammar
* #43 Import re from tatsu.util to support optional regex-only features
* #47 Fix incorrect sample code in documentation


* #37 Regression: The #include pragma works by using the EBNFBuffer from
grammars.py. Somehow the default EBNFBootstrapBuffer from bootstrap.py has been
 used instead (@gegenschall).
* #38 Documentation: Use of json.dumps() requires ast.asjson() (@davidchen).

Juancarlo *Aıez*

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