qutebrowser v1.0.0 released!

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Thu Oct 12 05:24:36 EDT 2017


I'm delighted to announce that I just released qutebrowser v1.0.0!

qutebrowser is a keyboard driven browser with a vim-like, minimalistic
interface. It's written using PyQt and cross-platform.

This release comes with many big breaking changes such as the new config and
QtWebEngine by default. See the changelog for details.


Major changes

- Dependency changes:
  * Support for legacy QtWebKit (before 5.212 which is distributed
    independently from Qt[1] is dropped.
  * Support for Python 3.4 is dropped.
  * Support for Qt before 5.7.1 and PyQt before 5.7 is dropped.
  * New dependency on the QtSql module and Qt sqlite support.
  * New dependency on the attrs[2] project (packaged as `python-attr` in some
  * The depedency on PyOpenGL (when using QtWebEngine) got removed. Note
    that PyQt5.QtOpenGL is still a dependency.
  * PyQt5.QtOpenGL is now always required, even with QtWebKit.
- The QtWebEngine backend is now used by default. Note this means that
  QtWebEngine now should be a required dependency, and QtWebKit (if new enough)
  should be changed to an optional dependency.
- Completely rewritten configuration system which ignores the old config file.
  See qute://help/configuring.html for details.
- Various documentation files got moved to the doc/ subfolder;
 `qutebrowser.desktop` got moved to misc/.
- `:set` now doesn't support toggling/cycling values anymore, that functionality
  got moved to `:config-cycle`.
- New completion engine based on sqlite, which allows to complete
  the entire browsing history. The default for
  `completion.web_history_max_items` got changed to `-1` (unlimited). If the
  completion is too slow on your machine, try setting it to a few 1000 items.

[1] https://github.com/annulen/webkit/wiki
[2] http://www.attrs.org/


- QtWebEngine: Spell checking support, see the `spellcheck.languages` setting.
- New `qt.args` setting to pass additional arguments to Qt/Chromium.
- New `backend` setting to select the backend to use.
  Together with the previous setting, this should make most wrapper scripts
- qutebrowser can now be set as the default browser on macOS.
- New config commands:
  * `:config-cycle` to cycle an option between multiple values.
  * `:config-unset` to remove a configured option.
  * `:config-clear` to remove all configured options.
  * `:config-source` to (re-)read a `config.py` file.
  * `:config-edit` to open the `config.py` file in an editor.
  * `:config-write-py` to write a `config.py` template file.
- New `:version` command which opens `qute://version`.
- New back/forward indicator in the statusbar.
- New `bindings.key_mappings` setting to map keys to other keys.
- QtWebEngine: Support for proxy authentication.


- Using `:download` now uses the page's title as filename.
- Using `:back` or `:forward` with a count now skips intermediate pages.
- When there are multiple messages shown, the timeout is increased.
- `:search` now only clears the search if one was displayed before, so pressing
  `<Escape>` doesn't un-focus inputs anymore.
- Pinned tabs now adjust to their text's width, so the `tabs.width.pinned`
  setting got removed.
- `:set-cmd-text` now has a `--run-on-count` argument to run the underlying
  command directly if a count was given.
- `:scroll-perc` got renamed to `:scroll-to-perc`.


- Migrating QtWebEngine data written by versions before 2016-11-15 (before
  v0.9.0) is now not supported anymore.
- Upgrading qutebrowser with a version older than v0.4.0 still running now won't
  work properly anymore.
- The `--harfbuzz` and `--relaxed-config` commandline arguments got dropped.


- Exiting fullscreen via `:fullscreen` or buttons on a page now
  restores the correct previous window state (maximized/fullscreen).
- When `input.insert_mode.auto_load` is set, background tabs now don't enter
  insert mode anymore.
- The keybinding help widget now works correctly when using keybindings with a
- The `window.hide_wayland_decoration` setting now works correctly again.

https://www.qutebrowser.org  | me at the-compiler.org (Mail/XMPP)
   GPG: 916E B0C8 FD55 A072  | https://the-compiler.org/pubkey.asc
         I love long mails!  | https://email.is-not-s.ms/
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