six 1.11.0

Benjamin Peterson benjamin at
Sun Sep 17 14:51:15 EDT 2017

It's been a while, but six 1.11.0 is now live on PyPI! six is a Python
2&3 compatibility library.

Many thanks to the various contributors who did most the work.

Here is the changelog for 1.11.0:

- Pull request #178: `with_metaclass` now properly proxies `__prepare__`
to the
  underlying metaclass.

- Pull request #191: Allow `with_metaclass` to work with metaclasses
  in C.

- Pull request #203: Add parse_http_list and parse_keqv_list to moved

- Pull request #172 and issue #171: Add unquote_to_bytes to moved

- Pull request #167: Add `six.moves.getoutput`.

- Pull request #80: Add `six.moves.urllib_parse.splitvalue`.

- Pull request #75: Add `six.moves.email_mime_image`.

- Pull request #72: Avoid creating reference cycles through tracebacks

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