JyNI 2.7-alpha.5 released: JyNI also runs on Windows now

Stefan Richthofer Stefan.Richthofer at gmx.de
Sat Sep 23 12:57:21 EDT 2017

With JyNI alpha 5, I proudly announce the first version of JyNI that
also runs on Windows.

JyNI is a layer that allows Jython to load native CPython extensions.
Most notably ctypes and NumPy are already workable (core functionality).

Take a look at


or go directly to the release:


Binaries are provided for Linux, OS X and Windows.
It should in principle also work on other POSIX platforms.

NumPy support

>From JyNI alpha 4 onwards, some NumPy support is available.
For JyNI alpha 5 featuring Windows support, we explicitly asserted that
NumPy works on Windows equally well as on Linux and OS X,
i.e. up to known limitations.

For details about NumPy support see


Google Summer of Code

JyNI alpha 5 was mainly developed within a Google Summer of Code project:

http://gsoc2017-jyni.blogspot.de for details.

What comes next?

The Python C API is not yet fully supported. A major goal for the next
release is to add support for the buffer protocol, which is currently
blocking support for SciPy and various other extensions.



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